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Why Us?

Infra360 Solutions is a cloud-native consultancy company that focuses on providing Digital Transformation solutions to businesses, enabling them to fully exploit AWS cloud potentials and native features, while at the same time attaining maturity and adopting an optimal Cloud Operating Model. It is of great importance to have a well-versed partner in establishing a DevOps strategy, not only from the technology aspect but also from the organisational and business aspects.

We help deploy your application several times a day!

Modern software development must make sure the source code is delivered to the production environment as often as possible and released without any issues. IT Svit helps implement continuous integration and continuous delivery practices for your company to enable your developers to deploy your application and add new features with minimal time and effort spent.

Software development is not the only domain where CI/CD workflows can be of use. Managing the production environments, backups and restoration of data, monitoring, logging and alerting the Ops engineers on issues, building the prerequisites for Big Data analytics and implementation of AI/ML models for enabling self-healing infrastructure — all of these areas can yield substantial benefits to the business if they are done right.

Our CI/CD services include:
  • 1

    CI/CD design and deployment

  • 2

    Customized CI/CD implementation

  • 3

    End-to-end pipeline automation

  • 4

    Continuous Delivery Assessment

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