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Cost Optimization

Why Us?

Infra360 Solutions is a cloud-native consultancy company that focuses on providing Digital Transformation solutions to businesses, enabling them to fully exploit AWS cloud potentials and native features, while at the same time attaining maturity and adopting an optimal Cloud Operating Model. It is of great importance to have a well-versed partner in establishing a DevOps strategy, not only from the technology aspect but also from the organisational and business aspects.

Enable Your AWS Environment to Save for You

Moving to the Cloud is not a magic bullet for achieving cost optimization. It is a continuous journey of monitoring and aligning resources with goals to achieve the desired cost structure. The accessibility and ease of use of Cloud resources comes with an associated reality that costs tend to increase with time. However, Cloud-native provides granular insights into each Cloud resource and improves return on investment. Costing involves a consideration of various aspects like rightsizing for your applications, selecting a pricing model that suits your business, tagging resources and scaling based on demand.

There are several ways to track and save on your AWS cloud computing costs. Apart from continuous monitoring, it also involves optimizing storage, right provisioning, leveraging compute instances for flexibility, autoscaling and automation. All this requires an understanding of the compute infrastructure, application, and data usage and more. Infra360 is helping many customers achieve cost-efficiency by applying best practices and customized approaches in the design, delivery, and maintenance of AWS environments.

How To Optimize Cloud Cost
  • 1

    Use Reserved Instances

  • 2

    Monitor Usage and Performance

  • 3

    Plan Storage Sizing Efficiently

  • 4

    Align Resource Usage with Demand

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