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Empower Your Business With Our Strategic Cloud Solutions

Cloud Cost Optimization & FinOps

FinOps is a financial management framework centered around discipline and cultural practices, designed to optimize cloud expenditure and enable organizations to extract the highest possible business value from their cloud investments.

Business Impact
Reduction in
Cloud Waste
Reduction in
Cloud Costs
Increase in
Gross Margins

Cloud Adoption & Application Modernization

We support clients with application migration, modernization, and optimization, unlocking the complete potential of cloud innovation and reaping its advantages, such as improved agility, scalability, and the ability to foster innovation.

Business Impact
Reduction in new
feature deployment time
Increase in revenue

Cloud Security Posture Management

We assist clients in identifying misconfigurations across a wide range of cloud environments, ensuring compliance with ISO-27001, SOC2, HIPAA, PCI/DSS, and other relevant regulations. We provide comprehensive cloud environment audits, helping to minimize the attack surface area and ensure adherence to regulatory compliance and industry standards.

Business Impact
Business growth with
security certifications
Reduction in cloud
security incidents
Faster resolution to
security incidents

Accelerate Your Cloud Journey with Our Seamless Process

Assessment & Roadmap

We kickstart your journey by evaluating your current infrastructure landscape. Our experts delve deep into your requirements, crafting not just a roadmap but a tailored blueprint. This blueprint aligns flawlessly with your business objectives, ensuring precision-engineered solutions to your success.

Implementation & Collaboration

Transitioning swiftly from plans to action, our agile methodologies and robust strategies drive this phase, ensuring a fluid and efficient implementation process. Our collaborative approach ensures that every step resonates with your goals, crafting a seamless cloud journey.

Innovation & Support

We thrive on continual innovation and explore new opportunities to grow the business, perpetually seeking avenues to enhance your cloud infrastructure. Our dedicated team remains steadfast, providing proactive assistance and troubleshooting to guarantee optimal performance.

DevOps Tools and Platforms We Use

Key Features That Make Us the Premier Cloud Service Provider

360° Cloud Solutions & Expertise

Harness our team's profound expertise in leading cloud technologies and elevate your business with our comprehensive solutions, addressing infrastructure, security, operations and optimizations for a truly integrated cloud experience.

End-to-End Ownership and Accountability

Experience the confidence of seamless project execution as we take complete ownership — from conceptualization and deployment to continuous support and optimization.

Client-Centric Approach

Experience cloud consulting that revolves around you. Our client-centric approach involves understanding your challenges and delivering tailor-made solutions, backed by success stories that speak for themselves.

Proactive Security Assurance

Rest easy with our proactive security measures. We prioritize your data's safety, implementing robust measures that exceed industry standards and ensure compliance.

Tailored & Agile Solutions

We offer customizable solutions that cater to specific business requirements, providing tailored configurations and agile services that align with diverse user needs and preferences.

 Seamless Integration

We provide seamless integration with a range of third-party applications, APIs, and collaboration tools, facilitating smoother workflows and enhancing productivity for users

Real-Time Insights

Our comprehensive analytics tool provides real-time performance monitoring, empowering users to track metrics, analyze usage patterns, and derive actionable insights to optimize resource utilization and decision-making.

Operational Efficiency

We fuse cutting-edge redundancy systems with fail-safe automated protocols and vigilant proactive monitoring to ensure an uninterrupted gateway to our services.

Elasticity and Scalability

Embrace the power of dynamic scalability in your operations. Our solutions are crafted for elasticity, adapting effortlessly to evolving workloads and ensuring peak performance as your business evolves.

Who are we?

We are passionate about helping tech enabled companies gain trust and increase revenue by meeting their digital transformation goals. Leveraging our expertise in cloud technologies we migrate, scale and secure application in cloud to help your business stay ahead of competition and grow exponentially.

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Our vision is to assist businesses in achieving their digital transformation and cloud modernization goals. We accomplish this by leveraging cloud innovation to migrate, scale, and secure their applications. Through our value-driven solutions and exceptional customer service, we deliver tangible results that drive business success.


Our vision is to assist businesses in achieving their digital transformation and cloud modernization goals. We accomplish this by leveraging cloud innovation to migrate, scale, and secure their applications. Through our value-driven solutions and exceptional customer service, we deliver tangible results that drive business success.


Our vision is to assist businesses in achieving their digital transformation and cloud modernization goals. We accomplish this by leveraging cloud innovation to migrate, scale, and secure their applications. Through our value-driven solutions and exceptional customer service, we deliver tangible results that drive business success.
Our vision is to assist businesses in achieving their digital transformation and cloud modernization goals. We accomplish this by leveraging cloud innovation to migrate, scale, and secure their applications. Through our value-driven solutions and exceptional customer service, we deliver tangible results that drive business success.


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Testimonials That Speak Volumes About Our Success

Partnering with Infra360 was instrumental in transforming our infrastructure. Their expertise facilitated a smooth migration from server-based deployments to highly efficient Kubernets solutions. This has helped us with enhanced uptime, exceptional reliability, and unparalleled scalability. Our IT capabilities have reached new heights, thanks to Infra360.

Vipin Singh
EVP & Group Head Of Engineering at REA India

Infra360 has helped us built an important feature for our cybersecurity platform Uptycs related to AWS IAM which is an advanced version of AWS IAM Policy Simulator. This innovative solution has helped us serving our enterprise clients with detailed insights into user and resource-level permissions. I am amazed with their expertise with services like AWS IAM. Infra360 has delivered a solution we are genuinely proud of.

Chetan Vinchhi
Managing Director, Uptycs India

Teaming up with Infra360 was a pivotal decision for us. Their cybersecurity prowess, from SSO to teleport VPN and DLP solutions, played a crucial role in bolstering our digital fortifications. What truly distinguishes them is their unwavering dedication to achieving SOC2 compliance. Thanks to Infra360, we've not only strengthened our security stance but also earned the trust of our stakeholders. They've been a true game-changer in our journey towards financial innovation.

Ashwini Anand Pillutla
Founder and CEO @ Monsoon CreditTech

I am amazed by the exceptional DevOps skills of Deepak and his team at Infra360. Their expertise in bridging the gap between development and operations, streamlining processes, and implementing efficient automation solutions is truly remarkable. Your leadership and dedication to staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends make you an invaluable asset to any organization.

Anshul Shrivastava
Co-Founder & CTO @

Partnering with Infra360 for our Cloud Modernization and Containerization journey was a game-changer. Their team brought a perfect blend of expertise and personal commitment to our project. The result? A transformed, agile infrastructure that exceeded our expectations. Kudos to Infra360 for making our transition to the cloud seamless and future-ready!

Hasib Malik
Co-founder & CEO @ CreditBook

I have been consistently impressed with Deepak's leadership skills and ability to manage complex projects with ease. What sets Deepak & his team apart is their ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, including developers, QA engineers, and project managers. He is always willing to lend a helping hand and work tirelessly to ensure that our projects are completed on time and within budget. He is an excellent communicator and have a natural talent for explaining complex technical concepts in a way that is easy to understand.

Nishant Kumar
Head of Insurance @ GoTo Financial

Our Cloud Modernization journey was seamless with Infra360 expertise. Their expertise in automating infrastructure, containerization with EKS, and implementing CI/CD processes has been transformative. This has positively impacted on our developer productivity, system reliability, and scalability. Infra360 played a pivotal role in propelling our startup to new heights in the cloud era.

Vineet Sharma
Co-Founder & CTO at iCubesWire

Choosing Infra360 for our AWS to GCP migration was a strategic move after we get GCP credits. We have achieved seamless cloud relocation with their expertise. Infra360 made the process efficient and cost-effective, aligning our business with the right cloud solutions. We're grateful for their support in navigating this transformative journey.

Kumar Saurav
Co-Founder & CTO @

Infra360's expertise in managing our cloud costs has been truly remarkable. They meticulously analyzed our cloud infrastructure, identified areas of unnecessary expenditure, and implemented strategies that significantly reduced our expenses without compromising performance. Their proactive approach towards cost optimization has greatly enhanced our operational efficiency and bottom line.

Cloud cost optimization

The seamless data migration services provided by Infra360 were pivotal in our business's transition to a new environment. Their team meticulously planned and executed the migration process, ensuring minimal downtime and zero data loss. Their attention to detail and expertise made what could have been a complex endeavor a smooth and efficient transition.

Data Migration

Infra360's commitment to ensuring our cloud security has been invaluable. Their comprehensive security solutions and proactive monitoring have fortified our cloud infrastructure against potential threats. They provided us with robust measures and continual support, giving us the peace of mind that our data and operations are well-protected.

Cloud Security

Working with Infra360 on our cloud modernization journey has been a game-changer for our business. Their in-depth understanding of modern technologies and innovative strategies revitalized our legacy systems. Their team's expertise in modernization frameworks helped us leverage cutting-edge technologies, enhancing our agility and scalability.

Cloud Modernization

Infra360's proficiency in managing multi-cloud deployments has been instrumental in diversifying our cloud strategy. Their adeptness in handling different cloud environments seamlessly enabled us to leverage the strengths of various platforms. Their guidance and support throughout the process ensured a streamlined multi-cloud architecture that met our diverse needs.

Multicloud Deployments

Infra360's Kubernetes solutions have revolutionized the way we manage and deploy applications. Their expertise in orchestrating containerized environments using Kubernetes has brought unparalleled efficiency and scalability to our operations. Their tailored solutions and ongoing support have empowered us to harness the full potential of Kubernetes technology.

Kubernetes Solutions

Got a Question?
Get Your Answer!

What kind of cloud services does Infra360 offer?

We offer a comprehensive suite of cloud services tailored to diverse business requirements. Our range of expertise spans from cloud cost optimization and audit services to data optimization solutions, Kubernetes deployment, robust security management, and beyond. Whether it's streamlining operations, ensuring regulatory compliance, optimizing cloud waste, or implementing WAF, our services are designed to meet your specific cloud-related needs.

In what way do Infra360 Ops security services meet compliance standards and regulations?

We ensure compliance by implementing stringent security measures aligned with regulations like ISO, GDPR, HIPAA, etc. Conduct regular audits, implement robust controls, and maintain documentation to meet these standards.

What are the anticipated expenses for availing of managed cloud services?

Expenses for managed cloud services from Infra360 can vary based on the specific services utilized, the chosen service tier, usage metrics, and additional features or customization required by the client.

How does Infra360 assist in cost optimization for businesses?

We assist in cost optimization through resource monitoring, recommending cost-efficient services, implementing scaling strategies, and optimizing infrastructure usage for better cost management.

In what ways do you mitigate risks associated with data migration?

We mitigate migration risks by employing encryption methods, conducting thorough planning and testing, utilizing specialized migration tools, and adopting phased migration strategies to minimize disruptions.

What security protocols and practices do you implement to protect against cyber threats?

We provide comprehensive security protocols including encryption of data, strict access controls, frequent audits, advanced threat detection systems (like IDS/IPS), and proactive measures to counter cyber threats.

What strategies are employed to ensure workload distribution in a multi-cloud setup?

Workload distribution in multi-cloud setups involves load balancing algorithms, automated scaling based on demand, utilization of hybrid cloud architectures, and intelligent workload management systems to ensure optimal resource allocation and performance across various cloud environments.

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